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What Should You Take On A Cycling Holiday?Packing for cycling holiday

This will depend somewhat on the type of cycling you are planning to do, and where you are headed, but below are a few things we always like to make sure we have / or know that the rental shop will provide for us: 

  • Helmet – shops usually provide these, but you may want to bring your own if you have a particularly large head, or just don’t fancy wearing one that lots of other people have used. In most places whether you wear a helmet is personal choice, however we would always recommend it. It’s worth noting that in some European countries it is mandatory for children, and so worth checking before you travel (

  • Comfortable clothing – you don’t need to adopt the full lycra look, but if you are planning to spend a lot of time in the saddle pack some cycling specific clothing (padded shorts, in particular, will make a long ride much more enjoyable). Cycling-specific gloves are also worthwhile - make sure they have good padded inserts. You may also want to consider a rain-proof jacket – ideally one that is reflective. Sunglasses are also helpful!

    Wondering what to bring
  • Suitable shoes – for most bike types, a pair of trainers will be fine, but for some road and mountain bikes, the hire company may have set the bike up with a specific type of pedal, in which case you may want to bring compatible cycling-specific shoes. More usually, you will be able to ask for a specific pedal to match your shoe type – or bring your own pedals. It is always worth checking first.

  • A small backpack is also a good idea for those without cycling jerseys to store stuff in, or who are not planning long trips (they get uncomfortable after a while!). They are great for storing some food or water, as well as spare clothing, or even swimwear in case you spot a particularly inviting river or beach!

  • Water bottle – it is vital to stay hydrated when on the bike, especially in the height of summer. Whilst you can always stop at a café or shop, it’s always a good idea to carry spare water. Most shops will be able to give you one.

  • Most hire bikes will also come with a puncture repair kit, or one will be available at the shop, but it may be worth bringing a spare inner-tubes or two if you are planning to do lots of riding.

  • What to bring on a cycling holiday

    We’d also recommend bringing a mobile phone in case of emergency (and downloading emergency contact information for the country / area you are in (  first, and storing the relevant numbers on your phone). On that note, make sure you have any insurance details with you too.

  • Camera – a bike is the best way to explore a country. Make sure you give yourself time to stop and take in the sights.

  • Suncream...fingers crossed...

  • For the more professionally minded among you, you may also want to bring:

    • GPS, gels / bars, lights, heart rate monitor, chamois cream...

    • Bike measurements – if you know them and haven’t already given them to the shop, bring them with you. You’ll be much more comfortable on a well-fitted bike.

Henry: 16th Feb 2017 13:50:00