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Why Hire A Bike?

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Wondering whether it is worth flying out your bike or hiring one? Below we list a few reasons why we think renting a bike might make more sense for you:

  • Avoid the hassle of transporting your own bike. Whether in a car, train or plane, a bike is not an easy thing to transport unless you are actually on it. Flying in particular presents a challenge. You will need a really solid bike box or bag to negate the perils of baggage handling - so moving it at either end is not easy, especially if there is more than one of you. You then need to put it all back together again (probably having spent a while taking it apart). Why not save yourself the hassle, and get a bike delivered to your destination, or pick one up from the local bike shop?

  • Transporting your bike is expensive - and not just the flight charges. Most airlines charge for flying a bike, but in addition flying a bike also impacts the type of car you can hire (cars with sufficient boot space are typically much more expensive), or may mean you may need to arrange a minibus / van shuttle service, as a taxi at either end will probably not be big enough - especially in a group. You will also need to buy a bike box / bag / rack, or hire one (which combined with airline fees, and other additional transport costs will add up).

    • ​​Mountain bikerAll in, hiring a bike is usually cheaper, unless you are looking to hire a top of the range bike. Although even then it is usually in the same price range as the aggregate cost of flying a bike, and will save you significant hassle and worry. We think that flying your own bike really only makes sense if you are planning to use a fitted bike every day for a week or more.​
    • If you're only travelling for a couple of days, or only want to cycle for a couple of days while travelling, then the cost and hassle of bringing your own bike doesn't really make sense.
  • Peace of mind - you don't want to damage your pride and joy. There is always a danger of something getting damaged by handlers who may not appreciate the fragility of many parts of a bike. Unless you’ve invested in an expensive bike box there will always be this worry. Packing up a bike to transport (particularly in a proper bike box or bag) also takes a lot of time and skill, and there’s also the risk you do not put something back together properly. Airlines provide minimal compensation if a bicycle is damaged. Bike shops will have prepared a bike to as-good-as-new standards, so you will be confident that nothing will get in the way of your cycling.

  • Try a different type of bike: always fancied mountain biking, but never tried it? Try it before you commit to buying one yourself, or make the most of the trails available abroad.A couple climbing a mountain
  • Hire something better than what you currently ride. Always wanted to try a Trek Madone Series 9, or maybe electronic Di2 gears? Now’s your chance.
  • Mix it up: planning a trip with your road-bike to take in the Cols of the Tour de France? Why not keep things interesting - have a break from the road and hire a Mountain Bike for a couple of days to enjoy the Alpine trails!

Have you got any other good reasons for hiring a bike? Let us know!


Henry: 7th Feb 2017 11:30:00