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Why Cycle On Holiday?

Cycling lanscape

You don’t have to be on a specific “cycling holiday” to enjoy the benefits of travelling on two wheels on holiday. Cycling could - and should! - be incorporated into any holiday. There are a number of reasons why we think you should get pedalling...

  • The top reason for us? We think there is no better way of exploring a new area. Travelling at a slower pace than in a car or train, but more mobile than on foot, you really get a feel for the landscape and culture of an area. Spot a nice looking café? An interesting ruin? An inviting beach? Or just want to take in the rolling roads and fields? Whether you are exploring the battlefields of Northern France, the picturesque villages of Tuscany, or the coastal city of Lisbon - a bike lends us a different appreciation of the environment, and is an exhilarating yet peaceful way to travel.
  • It's a great social activity - whether you’re with family or friends, it’s a fantastic activity to do en masse. Explore together while having fun: no bored children in the back of a hot car, no busy museums or beaches. It's also a great way to meet new people. Cycling-friendly cafes are always full to the brim of other like-minded cyclists willing to share their adventures, while passing cyclists on road or the canal path will also lend a hand if needed.
  • Friends cycling on holidayReally enjoy the local food & drink - we love combining culinary tours with cycling. What better way to earn your dinner, or that drink at the end of the day, than taking in a country on bike? Explore the fields / fishing ports / vineyards at your own pace, before stopping off at a great restaurant to enjoy the local cuisine. Move around different vineyards with ease (but maybe take it easy on the wine…), all the while enjoying the glorious outdoors, and making sure you deserve that extra indulgence.​

  • Keep fit! Cycling is a great way to keep fit (we all know what holidays can do to us...) and still have an adventure (or would you rather while away the hours in a hotel gym?). And for the enthusiastic cyclist / wannabe-pro, a specific cycling training camp – or a couple of hours in the morning when travelling with your non-cycling family / friends – is a great way to make the most of what the sport has to offer by exploring another country.

  • Take part in organised / mass-participation events. This is probably one for the more enthusiastic cyclist, but why not get involved with one of the many organised cycling events? Climb the mountains of the Tour de France in the L'Etape du Tour or the Marmotte, or ride the route of the Tour of Flanders / Paris-Roubaix the day before watching the Pros cover the same roads. These events are a fantastic experience, and are tailor-made for those who like to achieve something on their travels.

  • And the most important reason: it is the best way to get from A to B. A bike is a great means of transport wherever you are. It's much better for the environment to cycle to the nearby shop or museum than to drive there (and cheaper!), and you'll have more fun doing it.

Why do you like to cycle? Whatever your reason, find an area and a bike that suits you with BICILET Bike Rental, and enjoy!

We’ll be doing longer posts on each of the above, bringing in our own experiences as well as those of our happy customers.

We’ll also do a series highlighting possible routes you can explore. Have some ideas? Let us know!


Henry: 31st Jan 2017 14:57:00