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There Must Be Something To It – A MAMIL’s Top 5 Reasons For A Cycling Holiday

What is it that makes those of us ‘of a certain age’ take to foreign parts and cycle? Wearing a very small amount of close-fitting man-made fiber, and risking both life and limb. There must be something that tempts the middle aged man abroad on a bike. Like all these sort of questions I suspect there are many reasons, so here are the top five as I see it:

  1. We are not very good at sitting still. After years meeting deadlines, leading teams and setting an example as a parent, the thought of sitting still on a holiday is not at all exciting. Why is skiing so popular? Because it is a holiday where you are doing something – it fills the mind and keeps the body going. Cycling does the same. Golf possibly used to do this, but cycling is that much more active…
  2. We want to ‘do our thing’. A bike gives us the sense that we are in control in a unique way. A bike is (apart from a tandem...), ours alone. No partner or children to nag about your driving or complain about the music. Where, when and how fast you go is all up to you.
  3. It is, generally, done with a group of mates. It gives you a great chance to reconnect and laugh (and suffer!) with friends, for a decent amount of time. It is also raised above the perceived dodginess of a booze-fuelled weekend abroad. Cycling with your mates is OK to talk about to anyone. The fact that you can still fuel up in the evenings is then forgotten.
  4. It connects us with the country in which we travel, in a way no other holiday does. As we grow up we are more and more interested in the environment around us - whether cultural or scenic. Cycling exposes us to this fantastic, and all in an eco-friendly manner. Another key criteria!
  5. It could not be easier. With cheap flights always available, you can travel wherever and whenever you want to go. Bicilet is making the cycling part even easier!

With Bicilet, you no longer have to battle with bubble wrap, or spend time on your holiday re-packing a bike. Just book up and go.

Those who throw themselves up mountains in an imitation of Chris Froome I'm sure have other reasons. For those of us over the hill, and looking for fun, cycling offers us a trouble free way to do our own thing.

Richard: 3rd Jun 2017 16:27:00