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What Are The Best Cycling Routes In Sardinia?

Our Guide To Cycling In Sardinia 

With the Giro d’Italia starting off in Sardinia this year, it is no surprise to us that we’ve seen a lot of interest in cycling holidays in Sardinia. So we thought we’d help out our many customers heading that way by providing a brief overview of the best places to cycle in Sardinia.

Sardinia makes a great spot for cycling. With such a varied landscape and stunning scenery, we really think it should be better known. The island is 270km long, by 145 km wide, offering plenty of varied routes. The inland is mainly hilly, with some impressive mountains in the central massif, although a mix of mountains and open plains scatter the island. Such diverse terrain provides a fantastic opportunity for cyclists of every level.

The roads are often empty; the island is sparsely populated (the 2nd most sparsely populated region in Italy), with most of the population centred around Cagliari. The roads are of good quality too, all helping add to this islands allure.

We have picked our favourite cycling routes in Sardinia, acoss the island:

  • The South (around Cagliari) – some beautiful coastal roads, with the odd climb to test the legs
  • The West (South of Alghero) – full of challenging climbs for the enthusiastic cyclist
  • The North West (Alghero & Castelsardo) – undulating roads, with some difficult climbs
  • The North East (Olbia) – hilly inland routes, stunning scenery & places of historical interest
  • The East (Lanusei) – Mountainous – beautiful coastal and valley scenery

Below, we explore our favourite routes in each area, in a bit more detail.

The South:

  • Coastal, undulating route: Cagliari – Villasimius – Muravera.
    • A beautiful coastal road taking in the district of Castello in Cagliari, and the protected marine area of Villasimius.
    • 83km, c.700m of climbing – a few short climbs. Link to GPS
  • Challenging hills: Muravera – Orroli – Villanovaforru.
    • Some challenging climbs, with stunning views of the Flumendosa lake.
    • 107km, c.1800m of climbing – one major climb, and a number of shorter hills. Link to GPS

 The West:

  • Mountainous / Coastal: Alghero – Bosa – Cabras
    • The coastal road through the ancient districts of Alghero and Bosa, and taking in Cape Marrargiu
    • 112km, c.1500m of climbing. Undulating coastal road, with two major climbs. Link to GPS

The North West:

  • Mountainous: Viddalba – Osilo – Alghero
    • An inland route taking in the best of the Goceano countryside, and looking over the Capo Caccia cliffs.
    • 102km, c.1300m of climbing. Undulating countryside, with one major climb to Osilo. Link to GPS 

The North East:

  • Hilly: Olbia – Budoni - Budduso
    • Starts a long a beautiful coastal route (watch out for the Flamingos near San Teodoro!), before finishing with a tough climb to Budduso
    • 98km, c.1500m of climbing. Link to GPS

The East:

  • Mountainous / Coastal: Lanusei – Baunei – Dorgali
    • The coves of the Orosei coast and the landscape along the SS 125 road make up for big climb halfway through the route!
    • 93km, c.1600m of climbing. Link to GPS

Hire a bike and make the most of this stunning area!

A quick note: The Sardinian tourist board publish a loop in each area, consisting of “stages” - the full list of which can be found in this great PDF here. Some of these routes above borrow from the "stages" in their guide. The PDF gives you a bit more detail too, so is great inspiration for other places to cycle. You will also find links to maps of each route alongside it.

Know any other routes we should include? Let us know!

BICILET Bike Rental Team: 6th May 2017 18:00:00