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Which is the right bike for you?

There are a number of different types of bike available to rent from bike shops, and knowing what’s right for your trip can be a little daunting:

Mountain Bikes

  • Heading off-road? A MTB will be most appropriate. The most versatile bike type, these are suitable to handle mountain trails, single tracks and unpaved areas. For the uninitiated, MTBs offer various suspension options (although unless you are planning to tackle proper trails, the distinction may not be important, and you'll likely use a hardtail):
    • Hardtails: Front suspension only, with a traditional rear-end (saving weight, helping with climbing).

    • Full-suspension, with suspension both front and back, giving a more comfortable ride.

Road Bikes

  • Looking to ride at speed? Or tackle long distance rides on the road? Then a road bike is perfect. Suited for paved surfaces rather than taken cross-country, these are typically made of aluminium and carbon. Often bike shops have a variety of road bike types, typically varying on frame material (aluminium vs premium, higher-end bikes, typically made of carbon, which is lighter) and wheel-type / componentry, which may translate to weight-saving and / or better functionality.


  • If you are facing a hilly or long-distance ride, and are not used to riding long-distances, an electric bike might be in order. Also known as e-bikes bikes, these bikes have an integrated electric motor that assists the rider's pedal-power, and are increasingly popular with cyclists renting bikes on holiday. They are  great if you are using the bike as way to take in the environment around you, and are not bothered about using pedal power!

Classic & City Bikes 

  • If you are planning to cycle around town or short-distances between villages, then a city bike is perfect. These are 'traditional' bikes for easy cycling, but are not comfortable for long distances or steep climbs. Perfect for general riding about town.
  • If you are just looking for a standard bike for short distance transportation, then this or a hybrid bike is whatt you need.

Hybrid & Touring Bikes

  • Planning to cover a diverse array of terrain? Or planning a long-distance trip where you carry your stuff? Hybrid or touring bikes are great all-rounders that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions.  Although these are not as high performance as road bikes, these are capable of good sustained pace and getting up hills, all on a sturdier frame, and typically with tougher tyres. Touring bikes are also suitable for carrying racks for panniers – so planning a camping trip on bike, or unsure of what sort of terrain you will be coming up against? This is your answer.


  • A bicycle made for two! These can come in a number of shapes and sizes - from tandems only really suitable for the road, to those that can handle most off-road conditions. It is worth checking with the bike shop you are hiring from if you have particular demands!

Fat Bikes

  • These bikes were originally intended for riding on snow or sand, but can now be found on normal trails for the fun ride they provide: great traction and flotation over uneven surfaces make these a really comfortable, and great fun, ride! Despite their increasing popularity, these will mostly be found in winter ski resorts, or in shops near beaches.

There are a range of other bike types (Folding Bikes etc), which may also be offered by shops.

The great thing about hiring a bike is that you are not limited to the bike that you usually ride.

  • Want to try a fat bike for a day or two? Easy!
  • Going in a group of mixed abilities? Why not hire an electric bike so someone is able to keep up / stay the distance!

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Henry: 23rd Feb 2017 15:30:00