We promote the Dolomites, and the new opportunities offered by electric bicycles, helping you to explore the Dolomites in perfect harmony with the mountains.

Why E-Bike?

The electric bike has now reached an excellent level of technology and reliability. E-bikes allow you to tackle challenging slopes, which until recently represented an obstable for many. They are no longer a problem. The e-bike also allows mobility in close contact with nature, allowing you to visit places of interest.

Cycling The Dolomites

We can also provide you with routes and information on charging points - please just ask!

Our Bikes:

All e-bikes are mid / high range with motors 250W Bosch, Brose, Yamaha, Bafang, Impulse and batteries: 360,500,600W

Average prices applied in all rental points. The photos and models of e-bikes indicated below are indicative only, they may vary within the rental points of the circuit.






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